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Spicy syrup

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Sparingly pasteurised, store up to 25 °C. After opening, refrigerate up to 8 °C and consume within 20 days of opening. Shake before use. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Sludge is not a defect - it is a natural phenomenon of natural syrups. Recommended dilution 1:10. Store in a dark and cool place.


  Made exclusively from fruit, not from concentrates.

  100% natural composition

  Without Preservatives - Chemicals - Flavourings



  Hot/Cold Lemonades

  Hot/Cold Aclonades


  Baking, for cheesecake


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1.0 L, 0.5 L



1 review for Spicy sirup

  1. Rudolf Ulek -

    If Arrakis pepper had a face and a flavour,this would be it.......excellent,in tea,mineral water,a gentle dash in an Altamira compote,with Earl-Grey tea it's pronounced porn. My sister gave me a set of syrups from you for Christmas,didn't know you existed,very pleasant surprise and highly recommend.

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