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We offer you syrups and
unique service
for the development of your business

6 reasons  why to choose our syrups:

  • without preservatives
  • without dyes
  • 100% natural
  • from quality raw materials
  • handmade
  • modern and trendy

They wrote  about us

Mixed  for you


  • Elderflower - Lemon
  • Red grapefruit - Basil
  • Rhubarb
  • Orange and 5 kinds of spices
  • Lavender - Aronia
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Cucumber - Kaffir lime leaves
  • Mint - Lime
  • Citrus Gang
  • Lychee - Rose
  • Passion fruit - Mandarin


  • Mate - Lemongrass
  • Apple - Beetroot
  • Dandelion - Lemon balm - Rose
  • Wolfokola
  • Matcha - Citrus
  • Pineapple - Ginger
  • Malina - Ibish


  • Orange - Mango - Cinnamon
  • Blueberry - badian
  • Strawberry - jasmine
  • Apricot - Ginger
  • Pineapple - Mint
  • Raspberry - Thyme
  • Pink Tonic
  • Ginger
  • Spicy

Syrups for iced teas

  • Mango - Black tea
  • Gooseberry - Chamomile

Syrups for flavouring coffees

  • Cinnamon - Turmeric
  • Lavender - Rose
  • Chai
  • Pumpkin spice

Syrups for cocktails

  • Lime Cordial
  • Berry Cordial
  • Jasmine Cordial
  • Grenadine
  • Falernum

Our Experts 


(Co-founder and owner)
  • Forbes 30 under 30 - 2022
  • Nomination for Bar Personality of the Year 2019
  • 1. Place WORLD CLASS 2019 - Slovakia
  • TOP 12 at WORLD CLASS 2019
  • 1. Place ABSOLUT INVITE 2018 - Slovakia
  • 5. Place at the ABSOLUT INVITE 2018 World Finals
  • 1. Place BEEFEATER MIXLND 2018 - Slovakia
  • TOP 8 at the BEEFEATER MIXLND World Final 2019


(Regional Manager)
  • Slovak Championship
  • AeroPress championship
  • 3. Place Slovak Barista Champions 2015
  • 2. Place Slovak Barista Champions 2016
  • 2. Place Slovak Coffee In Good Spirit Champions 2016
  • 2. Place Czech Aeropress Champions 2015
  • 4. Place Diageo World Class 2016 I 2017 - 2x
  • 2. Place Beefeater MIXLND 2017

... help you create
 a perfect experience 
from simple things

Our team

Wolf Mountains are the heart of
untouched nature 
in Eastern Slovakia

Wolf Mountains - place in Europe as one of the few that is almost untouched by human hand. Nature - wildlife lives here freely and without the influence of today's busy times. This is where we are, in pure, almost fairy-tale nature. There is probably not a person who did not enjoy his grandmother's syrups or jams during his childhood. Do you still remember that unique taste? With a smile on our face, we enjoyed it as much as our throats would allow. A few years have passed and today we don't even remember that exquisite taste anymore. "The honest craft of syrup preparation seemed to disappear." We are small, homegrown producers, who have a dream that one day people will again perceive return to nature as part of being. We stick to the simple principles of honest craft.

They said about us

"I got to know VLCIE syrups thanks to Miro Telehanic. I liked the story of 2 friends who started a business and Miro convinced me of their quality - both in word and taste. He has a perfect sense of balance (equilibrium) of flavours and for me he is a guarantee of a fine-tuned product. His bartending background has given the syrups the prerequisite to be used in mixed drinks, cocktails and lemonades with great emphasis on the resulting taste."

Karol Domisch

Market Development Manager @ Pernod Ricard Slovakia,
who enthusiastically supports and actively contributes
to the formation of the Slovak bar scene since 2005
We are very satisfied with VLCIE Syrups. We have been cooperating for the second year and from the first meeting I have to highlight the great approach, pleasant and helpful communication and especially the quality and variety of the product.

Lukáš Kvietok

HeadBarista/Barmanager - Martinus - FOXFORD
"For me, VLCIE syrups are a sign of honest and sincere work with respect for nature. I appreciate the steady progress and dedication of its creators in their production."

Robert Šajtlava

Expert Director of Bar Magazine / Bar Personality of the Year 2019
"In our bar we support local producers all the more gladly when we know that VLCIE syrups are of a quality comparable to the world level and from Slovakia. The flavour profile, combinations, localness and the very idea of the creators of the brand is for us a guarantee of top quality that we try to bring to our guests."

Peter Marcina

Barmanager Mirrors Bar/Carlton Bratislava - Best Hotel Bar in Central Europe 2019
More reviews
We have been cooperating and using VLCIE syrups since the opening of our business. They are very high quality, tasty and constant. A large selection of flavors and flavor combinations. We appreciate that they grow or support local growers and farmers for a large part of their ingredients. Highly recommended."

SexiDog Restaurant & Bar Bratislava

"It is not easy to find good and reliable suppliers who are not only trying to sell their product, but also trying to establish a good business relationship and listen to customers. But if you combine a good quality product, good communication with the people on the other side and a fair price, not only will you get a good business relationship, but also some cordial sales to the end customer. I know VLCIE syrups and not only the overall varied quality taste of these syrups appealed to me, but also the very good working communication with the owners... from my experience both inside and outside Sky I have to say that the cooperation and quality of VLCIE syrups has won my favour and not only at work we use them, but they are also found at home... great satisfaction".

Dominik Čierny

Manager, SkyBar and Restaurant Bratislava
Since we've been offering VLCIE Syrups, our lemonade sales have increased by 20% and it's great to be able to sell them year-round in both refreshing soda and hot lemonade thanks to our seasonal specials. Our customers appreciate the full flavor great selection and we behind the bar the willingness and flexibility of the supplier. We wish you every success and highly recommend them to others!
VLCIE syrups + Regal burgers = ❤

Regal Burger

Team Regal Burger BB
In the company Sladučké ovocie we are very glad that we could include syrups of the company VLCIE syrups in our portfolio, because we correspond with their philosophy of regional production and at the same time our customers like the taste of homemade syrups very much.The production is located in the beautiful Poloniny Mountains, I personally had the opportunity to visit it and to convince myself of the high professionalism and quality of the production.

Dalibor Cvopa

Owner of E-shop Sladučké Ovocie
"VLCIE syrups of all flavours are top products .. for us as OLD FASHIONED the best craft syrups that we like to use in our drinks in our menus... we have a few favorites but in general we just think they're all top :) Super tasty combinations of ingredients used. For us our favorites are Strawberry you have Coconut, Cucumber Kaffir and of course Elderflower - Lemon. I recommend to everyone :) Super fine tuned, all ingredients are felt and form a perfect whole. Great in cocktails or in other premixes, shrubs, or just with a vodka or soda :) "

Filip Rebroš

BarManager of the Bar of the Year 2018 - OLD FASHIONED BAR Bratislava
"I use VLCIE syrups not only at work in lemonades and cocktails, but also at home when I make iced tea. I like the melding of interesting flavors that sometimes I can't imagine together until I taste them. On behalf of me and the Urban House where I work with them, thank you for allowing us to use local syrups of such quality."

Marek Kosorin

Barmanager Urban House Bratislava
One of the hallmarks of our Bukowski and Baudelaire bar establishments are the mixed shots. We were delighted when we were able to start adding VLCIE Syrups to many of them. On the one hand, we were intrigued by their great taste, balanced quality, seasonally updated offerings, and we are also happy to offer our guests handcrafted syrups made with products from the beautiful and clean environment of northeastern Slovakia. Our bartenders are always looking forward to new flavours to experiment with creatively.

Michal and Martin Kružlikov

Owners of the successful concepts Bukowski and Baudelaire BAR

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