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The name Wolf Mountains makes many people turn vague. We will tell you that the Wolf Mountains are located in the east of our country and even today they represent places in Slovakia with beautiful nature undamaged by human activity. 

The Poloniny National Park, in which the Wolf Mountains are located, spans the borders of three countries: Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. A visit to the region gives a glimpse of what it was like in the olden days, when nature was the mistress of the whole area and man was definitely not the first among the masters of the forest. 

In the Wolf Mountains we admire the night sky without the light smog that prevents us from seeing the stars in the cities. Here we can discover long forgotten tastes and the splendour of nature. What do the Wolf Mountains mean to us today? The opportunity to discover what is lost in many places in our territory. The Poloniny National Park is the oldest and most extensive forest area in Europe. Its forests have been the least destroyed by man and have not been transformed into any other form. In fact, here we have the opportunity to see the nature that existed in Europe before we began to transform it into its present image. 

And it was here that the idea of our fruit syrups made from real fruit and with a natural composition. In the heart of pure nature, we remembered what it was once like. When we saw books on our grandmothers' shelves that said "syrup recipe" and syrup making was based on real and fragrant fruit. Today, we can barely remember the unique taste we indulged in - so it's time for a change and to bring back the old recipes in a new guise. 

Our recipes consist of delicious fruits, premium herbs and great ingredients. Production of syrups in the Wolf Mountains has become an equally honest craft for us, where we maintain gentle production procedures that allow us to make the most of the flavour and aroma. Under the beech and fir trees in the Wolf Mountains, the best ideas are born. 

We look forward to your visit 🙂

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