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Sunny days tempt you to relax with a glass of tasty cool Lemonade. The basic component Lemonade is high quality homemade syrup of fruit and great ingredients. Production syrup is difficult and time-consuming, so we recommend you to reach for one of our syrups, which will definitely find its place in the preparation of Lemonade and other tasty dishes. If you enjoy experimenting, reach for lesser-known syrupssuch as syrup from the base or herbal syrups. They will introduce you to new and unusual combinations. Refrigerated Lemonade you can always add style by freezing berries in ice cubes - a summer favourite for us red currant. However, let's get down to the information you need when making and serving Lemonade You know.

1. Quality raw materials are the absolute basis

You can not make a good Lemonadeif you don't rely on proven players in the form of quality raw materials right from the start. Most often we encounter Lemonade created from lemon juice. Freshly squeezed lemons are a great supply of biologically active substances, among which vitamin C, considered to be an extremely powerful antioxidant, clearly leads the way. With its help, you strengthen the immune system, help speed up metabolism and promote the absorption of other nutrients. For this, however, you need fresh lemon juice and not juice from concentrate.

Choose quality raw materials also in the form of syrups. Syrups with natural composition can bring to your summer Lemonade full-bodied and distinctive flavour. If you bet on syrups made from real fruit, they become a great source of antioxidants and other beneficial substances for the body.

2. Create a basic lemonade recipe that can be further improved

Basic recipe for lemonade consists of water (you can also use soda), lemons and sugar. However, sugar dissolves poorly in water and soda, so the old trick is to mix sugar and water, bring to the boil and make a sugar syrupthat you use. However, this step is tedious, plus you then have to wait for it to cool down Lemonade. Our trick is to use syrupwhich is already directly ready for use. We also enjoy experimenting with the syrup because Lemonade we can regularly modify with new flavours - feel free to incorporate grapefruit with basil or will our choice fall to taste gooseberries and chamomile. Our original recipe with lemon juice and soda can be improved thanks to the tasty syrup.

3. Do not store lemonade for more than 7 days

Create a large volume Lemonade and having a few days off from preparation sounds definitely tempting. But never store Lemonade longer than 7 days. At the same time, remember that during this time your homemade lemonade stored in the refrigerator. You can also bet on the creation of a mixture that you prepare homemade Lemonade make it easier - mix lemon juice with syrup and refill this mixture with water or soda every day. You will quickly get a fresh Lemonade every day.

4. Lemonade tastes better with a snack

Homemade lemonade with fruit syrup and maybe a pinch of ginger is a really tempting choice. Fill it up during get-togethers with tasty treats. K Lemonade are best suited to savoury delicacies and snacks- for example, traditional pretzels. You can also bet on a healthier alternative in the form of nuts. If you love spicy foods, with Lemonade savoury spreads on bread or savoury biscuits are best understood. Options to experiment with goodies to Lemonade, is the amount of. You can also focus on fruit syrup, which in Lemonade you add. Mint syrup with lime, it goes well with chocolate and ice cream, for example.

Create your favourite this summer Lemonade using delicious syrups. Summer will be so much tastier and more delicious. The basis of quality Lemonade are always good ingredients.

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