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Today, more than ever, we are focusing on diet. What we put on our plates and what we drink is important to us. We are even more vigilant about our children's food. And so we find that the foods that are commonly found on supermarket shelves do not suit us. Fruit syrups are making a big comeback and their undeniable advantage is that they can be incorporated into a variety of delicious dishes and drinks. How to choose a quality fruit syrupthat will really deliver great taste while making the ingredients more than just acceptable? Today we have prepared a set of our proven tips to help you find your champions in the field of fruit syrups.

1. No concentrates - only pure and honest fruit

If we decide to buy fruit syrup, we logically expect the composition to contain fruit. Of course, it will stand in the first place. After all, in fruit syrup we are particularly looking for quality fruit, which adds a great taste and contributes its supply of vitamins and other health benefits. In most cases, we get a load of sugar and concentrates, which have little nutritional value for our bodies.

And that's why our first piece of advice on the field of choice fruit syrups sounds - always choose a product that draws its flavour from real fruit and spices. Concentrates are a handy substitute to get more for less. However, they are definitely not an ingredient you want to rely on and voluntarily choose for yourself and your loved ones. Fruit syrup made from real fruit, it repays you with a much more sophisticated and enticing taste. Let nature's truly succulent fruits guide you in your selection.

2. Free from preservatives, flavourings and unnecessary chemical additives

Have you ever studied the ingredients of a product in the grocery store and felt like you were in chemistry class? Well, there's nothing strange about that. Chemistry accompanies us throughout the food industry because it allows for the delivery of flavor, aroma, and at the same time, the stabilization of each product, which protects it from early spoilage. How did the food industry do this before the era of chemicals?

Simply. He preferred the proven methods of making fruit syrups that retained their biological value and were full of great substances beneficial to the body. Today, we no longer find a supply of antioxidants and vitamins in artificial syrups. That is why it is necessary to choose fruit syrups that remain true to gentle processing and quality ingredients that do not require an additional load of chemical measures. The delicious taste is achieved with the help of real ingredients such as fruits, spices and herbs.

3. Rely on gentle pasteurisation

With the discovery of a process called pasteurization, mankind began to breathe much easier. We have discovered a way to preserve products much longer in a healthy way. Increasingly, however, questions are being raised as to whether pasteurization is an appropriate step to take when treating food. Voices are raised about destroying biologically active substances and creating foods with no nutritional value. Either extreme is bad. We recommend choosing the happy medium and focusing on products that have undergone gentle pasteurisation. This way you can be sure that the product has been treated and at the same time the valuable substances in the form of vitamins and antioxidants have not been destroyed.

Today, we need to monitor the composition of food. Recent scientific research has shown that our food choices affect our physical and mental health. Therefore, it is a good step to choose only the highest quality fruit syrupsthat will please the taste buds and other cells of our body at the same time.

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