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New potential for our region - Grant, innovation, new products and jobs

We howl with joy because our region has been given another chance to develop!

We managed to obtain a non-refundable financial contribution for the extension of a fruit juice production plant in the village of Ulič for our company HANY Ulič s.r.o. .

Technologically, we will be able to innovate fruit processing and production through the purchase of a cider mill with an electric pasteur. We are looking forward to it, because by we will launch new products to the market, we will increase competitiveness and potentially we will also support the development of tourism in the district of Snina. Not to mention the very substantial new job opportunity created.

Project "Extension of the fruit juice production plant to the frozen semi-finished products production plant in the village of Ulič"

Implemented thanks to support from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure.

For a juicy

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