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Small company, big plan: how a regional contribution helped improve working conditions and expand HANY ULIČ's operations in the beautiful Uličská valley

Let's take a look at how support for LDCs translates into practice. Within the framework of this programme, the project of the company HANY ULIČ s.r.o. was implemented in the beautiful Uličská valley, which is located in a charming and enchanting corner of Slovakia.

The aim of the project was to create new jobs and improve the working conditions of the employees, while HANY ULIČ s.r.o. wanted to reduce its costs and increase the efficiency of its operations.

How to do it? The company was planning to expand its operation and so the need for an extension to the existing operation arose. This would enable them to achieve greater productivity, streamline the production process and reduce costs. This will enable the company to compete in the market and contribute to improving the local economy.

The whole project was supported by a regional contribution of EUR 40 000,00. This financial injection is a great benefit for HANY ULIČ s.r.o. and the Uličská dolina. This project has the potential to have a positive impact on the local population and to contribute to a better quality of life. It is therefore of great importance for the development of the region and local business.

It is great to see how regional support can have a real impact on the development of local areas.

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