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Homemade syrups are gaining more and more attention in the field of taste. Fruit syrup is a concentrate of all the goodness found in fruit. However, much also depends on the process of syrup production itself. In one bottle of syrup, we discover great flavour as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Nevertheless, many lovers of perfectly balanced flavour are still wondering how it is possible to incorporate both fruit and herb syrup into their cuisine. Today, we're going to reveal 5 great tips that will show you ways to use fruit syrup and bring your meals and tried-and-true recipes to a whole new level.

1. Baking

Right from the start, we start very lightly. Baking is probably the easiest way to bring the flavour of fruit syrups into your deli. It's also a way to use a larger amount of fruit syrup at once and avoid food waste. Feel free to opt for herb syrup as well. Our favourite for baking is mint syrup combined with fresh lime.

In case you're looking to bring flavour to your cakes and desserts while cutting out refined white sugar, fruit syrup is perfect for the mission. But how do you replace the sweetener with fruit syrup so that the sweet taste is retained? If your recipe has instructions for the option of using maple syrup, you can keep the quantity and swap the maple syrup for fruit syrup. Otherwise, you can proceed with the swap as you would swap sugar for honey. A perfect taste experience is guaranteed in any case. You can also bet on tried-and-tested combinations such as strawberry syrup and chocolate cake, mint syrup and dark chocolate muffins. Imagination is unlimited and you can venture into unexplored territories.

2. Syrup for lemonades and drinks - a proven classic

Fruit and herb syrups are also a great choice for hot and cold drinks. During the winter season, you will definitely appreciate hot chocolate with a drop of homemade strawberry syrup. To calm you down before bedtime, we recommend lemon and ginger tea flavoured with lemon balm syrup. In summer, reach for fruit syrups in your summer lemonades. Fruit syrups are liquid and this property makes them dissolve much easier in lemonade than traditional sugar.

In most cases, you have to boil the classic sugar with water to get a sweet syrup that simply mixes with the lemonade. Why not skip this step and bring a load of great flavour to your summer drinks as a bonus? You can use the fruit syrup to sweeten iced tea as well.

3. Sauces and marinades with fruit and herb syrups

Do you want to bring a new dimension to steak and vegetarian dishes? Then definitely reach for marinades and sauces. What's our tip? Definitely incorporate fruit and herb syrups when creating marinades and sauces. Syrups can tickle the taste buds. When creating sauces and marinades, the same rule applies as with our first point - baking. If you are substituting an ingredient (even the familiar maple syrup), use a 1:1 ratio.

And what dishes can you use delicious fruit sauces in? They go well with the legendary meatballs, seafood, grilled cheese or tofu, for example. Fruit sauces and marinades are really versatile and it's up to your courage which combinations you go for. We look forward to your insights and new recipes.

4. Breakfast topping

Oatmeal, pancakes, doughnuts or even yoghurt are usually served with warm fruit compote. Usually this compote is made by combining ripe fruit boiled in water (in some cases even alcohol is used). Sugar or honey is used to sweeten it. This is where fruit syrups, which can be used perfectly for this purpose, come into their own again. Strawberry syrup, for example, brings the wonderful smell of summer into our breakfast rituals when the winter is bitterly cold outside and fresh, fragrant strawberries are a scarce commodity.

Of course, you can go the other way and use the fruit syrup directly as a topping. Just heat it up a bit and flavour it with your favourite spices. If you decide to reach for the orange syrup with 5 spices, this obligation is eliminated, because our orange syrup already contains a balanced combination of fruity and spicy flavours. It's also a great option to combine the syrup with pieces of frozen fruit you have in your stockpile from the summer months. This makes a really delicious breakfast for everyone.

5. Make your own favourite granola

Today, everything homemade and created with our own hands is popular for us. The recipe for homemade granola has already been around the world several times and owes its popularity to the fact that all the ingredients are freely available. Homemade granola also allows us to moderate the amount of sugar we add to it and later consume for breakfast. In addition, you can substitute nuts (pecans for walnuts) or add seeds (sunflower or even pumpkin) and get a different and tasty recipe that you won't get tired of.

Our tip is to add syrup instead of sweetener. This way you get a flavoured breakfast granola that can be enjoyed with white Greek yoghurt. Proven syrups for granola are strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry, for example. However, we are not afraid of new flavours in the form of mint syrup combined with lime or red grapefruit with basil. Each combination is new and unique.

On our website you will discover delicious fruit and herbal syrups that stand out for their sophisticated combination of flavours. We look forward to your discoveries and to the recipes you will try with them.

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