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Small company, big plan: how a regional contribution helped improve working conditions and expand HANY ULIČ's operations in the beautiful Uličská valley

Let's take a look at how support for LDCs translates into practice. Within the framework of this programme, the project of the company HANY ULIČ s.r.o. was implemented in the beautiful Uličská valley, which is located in a charming and enchanting corner of Slovakia. The aim of the project was to create a new workplace and improve the working conditions of the employees, while the company HANY ULIČ s.r.o. [...]

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New potential for our region - Grant, innovation, new products and jobs

We howl with joy because our region has been given another chance to develop! We managed to obtain a non-refundable financial contribution for the extension of the fruit juice production plant in the village of Ulič for our company HANY Ulič s.r.o. . Technologically, we will be able to innovate fruit processing and production through the purchase of a cider house with an electric pasteur. We are looking forward to [...]

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For a juicy

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